John I. Helmers wants to be your Olmsted County Commissioner for District 4.
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He has the skills and vision to lead a growing and changing county.

John is looking forward to talking with you about your ideas for Olmsted County.

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Thank you for your vote on November 6th.

Issues that need leadership:

Broadband access throughout the county is essential to our health, happiness, and prosperity.

DMC (Destination Medical Center) must benefit the whole county.

Housing choices that work for all people.

Transportation options that are reliable, affordable, practical, and safe for everyone.

John knows:

    • the county provides essential services to our families and our businesses
  • what works (and does not work) in our county government
  • how to work with state and federal government to meet local needs
  • our resources (including money) are limited and need wise stewardship

John in a meeting discussing policy

John is:

  • a future thinking person who gets things done
  • open to new ideas and is willing to find solutions that work for all
  • a dairy-farm kid who worked his way through school
  • a licensed professional engineer with experience in water quality and storm water management, solid waste management, housing and land development, and municipal services
  • an experienced administrator and manager who knows how to improve complex systems
  • a good communicator who listens to all views
  • a person who makes decisions based on complete information

On November 6th elect John I. Helmers

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