Letters of Support

Helmers for Olmsted County Commissioner

We wholeheartedly urge you to vote John Helmers for Olmsted County Commissioner District 4 in the quickly approaching election in November. Having known John for over 35 years, we have found him to be a man of integrity with a strong work ethic. From working on his family’s dairy farm as a boy to his career as a professional engineer, John is shown utmost responsibility, diligence to detail, strong leadership qualities, and problem-solving skills. In addition, he has carved out time for volunteering in a variety of areas of public service.

John will listen to his constituents and be open to their concerns. Please vote for John to give a new and fresh approach to the position of county commissioner. We endorse him with enthusiasm.

Jim and Carol Youdas

Expect more from your county commissioner

I am writing today to give John Helmers my support for Olmsted county commissioner District 4. We have worked on projects together when I served on the Olmsted County Board and I found him to be knowledgeable, approachable, and reliable. I know he will make a good financial decisions based on facts and outcomes. John is eager to be your voice and has the honesty and integrity you would expect of your county commissioner. I asked you to give John Helmers your vote on or before November 6th. If you would like to know more about John, go to johnhelmers.com

Respectfully,  Judy Ohly

A Farmer’s Request

Please vote for John Helmers for Olmsted County Commissioner District 4. John’s experiences, from going up on a dairy farm to professional engineer, will bring a new level of professionalism. The problems in Olmsted County are complex and promise to continue to be so. If you believe past decision-making predicts the future decision making, John Helmers is the best candidate. He asks great questions to help come up with the best solutions. John Helmers is easily accessible by website, phone, email or FaceBook. Contact him and I think you will agree to vote for John Helmers in November.

Respectfully, Sarah Pedelty

Voting is important

John Helmers deserves your vote for Olmsted County Commissioner District 4. I’ve known John through music for many years. To find out more about who he is, what he knows, and how he can lead Olmsted County, I urge you to view his website: johnhelmers.us. I assure you that John is a dedicated professional and a problem-solving leader. We need more people like John Helmers working for us! I highly recommend John Helmers as District 4 County Commissioner!

Susan Braun